Southam is a quiet town now - it might even be described as sleepy - but once it was a noisy transport hub in the heart of England. It is in South Warwickshire north of Banbury and east of Warwick.

It was on the main droving route from Wales to London and huge flocks of sheep and herds of cattle would be driven through the town on their way to market. It was also on the main route from Glasgow to London for the stage all started to quieten down when the railways bypassed the town and later major roads like the M40 superceded the trunk roads.

So now there is peace and quiet - and nowhere is that better illustrated than at their newly restored Holy Well with its clear water that was once used to treat eye ailments.

Join Jenny Frith, Janet Cox, Len Gayle and Rene Cardell and children from the town who take you from Chickabiddy Lane via tales of the Civil War to the ancient Holy Well.

Jane Markham - series producer



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